3D Editor

3D Editor is the first step of a three-step workflow. Basic 3D editing features are provided here.

3D Editor


3D items can be moved around by entering values into X, Y, and Z input fields.



3D items can be scaled uniformly by using input fields. The X, Y and Z inputs are intentionally locked together to ensure a uniform scale.



3D items can be rotated by input fields.

  • X, Y and Z are orthogonal components of a vector around which the 3D item would rotate
  • Angle is the rotation angle around the (X, Y, Z) vector


Drag handles

  • Move/translation
    • Drag handle point at bounding box center
    • Drag handle arrows at bounding box center in red, green, and blue colors
  • Scale
    • Drag handle squares at bounding box corners
  • Rotation
    • Drag handle curves at a bounding box corner in red, green, and blue colors

Auto Orientation

3D items can be oriented automatically to have the least amount of overhang areas to minimize the required support structure.

Distance to Floor

It’s possible to set the distance from lowest point to print floor for all 3D items. Any newly imported 3D item would satisfy this requirement too.



Auto packing works in XY plane by setting a space between bounding boxes and arranging the 3D items on the print floor.


Hollowing Parameters

3D items can be hollowed by the following parameters.


Hollowing result wall thickness.


Lower consistency means wall thickness would be less accurate, but the hollowing process would be faster.

Fill Distance

Cavities smaller than fill distance are going to be filled by hollowing process. Accordingly, sharp corners are going to be filled too.


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