Supporting is the second step of a three-step workflow. Support structures can be generated manually or automatically to provide stability during print process.


Support Dimensions

There are three predefined support templates:

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large

The selected one would be used for manual and automatic support generation.

Support Templates

Edit Dimension Templates

Open support dimension edit window by template icon:

  • Click on the triangle at lower-right corner
  • Right click
  • Long click i.e. press and hold
  • Double click

Each support dimension can be intuitively edited by the editable figure. The red curved arch indicates support penetration into the 3D item.

Click on save button at lower-left would save the current dimensions. Click on restore button at lower-right would restore dimension defaults.

Edit Support Templates

Support Types

There are two support types:

  1. Manual
  2. Automatic

Following sections describe manual and auto supports.

Manual Support

Click on 3D items would create cone-shaped placeholders. Placeholders can be deleted by click. Moreover, there is a convenient button to delete all placeholders, located at the lower-right of the app window beneath 3D items list.

If Auto Support checkbox is not checked, Generate button would only generate for manually-clicked cone-shaped placeholders.

Manual Placeholder

Auto Support

If Auto Support checkbox is checked, additional tools are available to get automatically-detected support points.

  • Density
  • Lowest Gap
  • Get Points button

Get Points button creates cylinder-shaped support points on 3D items. The density of support points and the lowest gap between them are decided by the inputs provided by the user.

Cylinder-shaped support points can be deleted by click.

When Auto Support checkbox is checked, Generate button would create supports for both:

  1. Cone-shaped manually-clicked placeholders, if any
  2. Cylinder-shaped automatically-detected points, if any

Auto Support

Floor Pad

If Floor Pad checkbox is checked, a simple floor pad would connect individual supports together. Pad has a beveled edge to make it easy to peel off the print floor.

Manual Support

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